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Sweet Presence is a full time family based group located in the Pacific Northwest. Made up of Ernie, Dolly, Greg, and Corey, Sweet Presence travels in both the United States and Canada sharing their message through southern gospel music.

You may have seen this group at various southern gospel events, at one of the National Quartet Convention venues, or on stage with the likes of Poet Voices, Carolina Boys, the Dixie Melody Boys, and many others. No matter where you have seen them, you're sure to have heard some of the finest harmony and spirit filled ministry that music has to offer.

With over 35 years of travelling in southern gospel music, Sweet Presence offers a concert experience that appeals to both young and old with songs like "He Keeps On Blessing Me" to "God Walks The Dark Hills" and "Ring The Bells Of Heaven".

"Sweet Presence not only brings excellence to southern gospel music but they also bring depth of maturity, spiritual passion and deep integrity to the ministry. We know these people so well as part of our congregation, every time they minister there is a great impact and encouragement. I highly recommend Sweet Presence to you."
Pastor Brent Cantelon
Christian Life Assembly
Langley, BC

While listening, I would have been convinced Sweet Presence had to be from Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, or any of the southern states that I have previously associated southern gospel music with. I have now had that particular bias straightened out quite thoroughly! You do not have to be born and raised in the deep south to sing southern gospel, as Sweet Presence proves with style!”
NQC Louisville review
Tracey Evison
The Guardian Magazine columnist

Grace to Stand from Sweet Presences Through The Fire recording was voted as one of the Top 10 songs of 2004 in all of Southern Gospel and Country Gospel music played on air in Washington State in 2004.
KVSN Radio 1340am Songs of 2004

The next time you hear of Sweet Presence being in your area, be sure to attend! It will be a life changing experience without a doubt! There are a lot of ways that you can describe todays list of full time southern gospel artists, but this group is best described by the name itself…. "Sweet Presence"


Dolly, the first lady of Sweet Presence, has been compared to artists such as Vestal Goodman, and Pricilla McGruder in the sprit-filled manner that she conducts her life also and delivers her spirit-filled message in song. Her strong female vocal ability has been one of the things that has allowed Sweet Presence to stand out among the rest. When you meet Dolly, you will know that you have meet with someone who lives the life that she sings about not just once in a while, but everyday of her life! When at home, Dolly aids in the Sweet Presence office administration and takes time away to go and brush up on her golf game, but no matter where you find her she will minister to your heart.

You can e-mail Dolly directly at:


Corey has been with the group for 9 years. His smooth, strong, bass voice brings a special blend and flavor to Sweet Presence. His concert performances over these years have already earned him the recognition as one of the best Bass singers in Southern Gospel Music, today. Corey takes care of sound and helps drive the bus. Corey is a car man! You can be sure that when he is not on the road traveling, every spare moment is spent under the hood of his car or at the race track.

You can e-mail Corey directly at:


Each group has one individual who you can find in the center of the operation. Ernie is responsible for many of the administration details in the operation of Sweet Presence along with keeping the bus in good repair. Coming from a singing family himself, Ernie brings experience and history that has brought Sweet Presence to where it is today. His love for music ministry is evident in each song that he delivers with excitement and energy. You will see that Ernie speaks and sings in a way that reflects his changed life, and his energy on stage soon infects the audience. Whether you speak to Ernie on the phone or in person, on the road or at home, his excitement and enthusiasm will show that he loves the one he sings about time and time again.

You can e-mail Ernie directly at:


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